Public Art: Handball Field Installation Arrives at Cadman Plaza Park This Spring

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN – The Public art fund announced Monday that the artist Harold Ancart will present an interactive art installation consisting of a playable handball court in Cadman Plaza Park starting in the spring.

Rendering of Harold Ancart’s subliminal standard courtesy of the Public Art Fund

The Belgium-born, Brooklyn-based artist creates drawings, paintings and sculptural installations using found objects, according to Artnet. His next job, Subliminal standard, was inspired by the many handball courts found in New York City parks. The title of the work refers to the standard colors generally used to paint the boundaries of handball courts as well as the organic “abstract compositions and patterns” that mark their surfaces over years of play.

Handball was introduced by Irish immigrants at the end of the 19th century, according to New York Parks, and the sport has been an “inspiration” for Ancart since he moved to New York in 2007. As he wandered around Brooklyn and discovered many courts, he observed that they featured “democratic walls. , waiting for murals, “according to a statement from the Public Art Fund announcing the project. There are currently more than 2,000 handball courts across the city, the statement said, “and the game remains as popular, accessible and equal as ever.”

The Ancart sculpture will merge art and sport to create an interactive and inclusive experience for visitors to the park. The artist will paint directly on the walls and floor of the new 16-foot double-sided concrete structure in Cadman Plaza Park in April, inviting audiences to view his process.

Harold Ancart: Subliminal standard
Exhibition from Wednesday May 1, 2019 to Sunday March 1, 2020
Park hours: 6 a.m. to 1 a.m., every day
Cadman Plaza Park, North Lawn (north of the Brooklyn War Memorial), Downtown Brooklyn
The public is invited to play the installation for free during its ten months of broadcasting at the park.