IFAB accidentally changes handball rules after Fulham controversy

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Accidental handballs that cause a teammate to score or have a chance to score a goal will no longer be considered an offense in football, the gaming legislature said on Friday.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) made the announcement in a statement that also clarified the rules of handball in other situations.

The move comes a day after Fulham’s Josh Maja saw his hard-won handball effort denied by Mario Lemina in his side’s 1-0 loss to Tottenham Hotspur.

Scott Parker’s side are in the Premier League relegation zone, three points from safety.

The IFAB, which is made up of members of the football associations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as FIFA delegates, also said the referees should “use their judgment. With regard to the position of a player’s arm or hands when the ball touches them before the whistle of the handball.

As the interpretation of handball incidents has not always been consistent due to incorrect application of the law, members confirmed that every contact of a player’s hand / arm with the ball is not an offense, “the statement read.

One of the main controversies in handball in recent seasons has been over what constitutes an unnatural position for a player’s arm when a ball hits it.

“A player is considered to have abnormally enlarged his body when the position of his hand / arm is not a consequence or is not justified by the movement of the player’s body for that specific situation.”

The decisions came after the IFAB Annual General Meeting, held by videoconference on Friday.