Handball players immediately caused a sensation against Hungary in the European Championship: “The greatest victory of all time”

Of course, no athlete claiming a championship stands a chance. Either he has no work in a strong field of participants. The handball guys saw a lot of chances for the European Championship in Budapest of course. “If we have a good day, we can beat Hungary, Iceland and Portugal,” said national team coach Erlingor Richardson. , but it is also an honor for us to compete in this European Championship. And then also in this vast room.

Thus, the brand new MVM Dome in Budapest, halfway between the center and the airport, has something special. One of the largest indoor arenas in Europe with a capacity of 20,000 seats. Where the motherland, fifth in the last World Cup, is under enormous pressure and the orange has nothing to lose in principle. In all previews, the Netherlands placed 23rd out of 24 entrants, somewhere close to Lithuania.

The Netherlands are a bomb in the world of international handball, and qualifying for the previous European Championship was a real sensation. Now Richardson and his men want to survive stage one and carve out a place among the top 12 nations. But at whose expense? All enemies have their own characteristics, they all belong to the European underworld.

Orange still cools this huge bathtub. Thanks to goalkeepers Bart Ravensbergen and Dennis Schilkens, who both saved a Dominic Mattei penalty. But above all thanks to the patriotic royal couple: Luc Steins and Kay Smits. It’s not big but it’s fast, spins fast and plays frivolously. Shortly before the break, Smits scores with a kite – to float through the circle – under director Steins. Because Holland takes advantage of the mistakes of the opponent, we progress quickly on the chessboard. No matter how hard the Hungarians tried, they wouldn’t be able to finish the backlog.

In the second half, the Netherlands have an extra player in Danny Bigins. Besides Smits in particular (11 hits), he is definitely the man of the match.

Orange has to put up with something. Red card for corner player Rutger Ten Felde, a kick to the head of Biggins. But Richardson’s men continue to rise, ready for the next battle. Smaller than galactic bears, but they are brave. Overall, Hungary comes after the Challenger (28-28). But before the scoreboard was updated, Jeffrey Boomhouwer scored on the other side and the pressure was back on the fav.

In the remaining two minutes, Hollande can complete the sensation, and the Hungarians succumb to the pressure. Samir Bin Ghanem and Bigins decide the match on a unique night for Dutch men’s handball.


This is the biggest victory in the history of Dutch men’s handball. He was pleasantly surprised by the maturity and intelligence of the team. There was no panic or commotion once Hungary started racing to catch up. ,, Here we defeat one of the strongest European countries. In the first half, our coverage was good, and when it went down a bit, we were still standing.
“I hope it will change things in Holland,” replied captain Bobby Chagen. “We were ahead from the start. She survived difficult situations, like two minutes with fewer players. We stayed calm, and then you get this. Obviously, it’s a good start to the tournament for us.

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