Euro 2020: the new handball rules explained

The handball rule that penalized attackers for accidentally handling the ball before a goal has been heavily criticized since its inception.

This played a key role in deciding a Premier League game between Tottenham and Manchester City last season, with Gabriel Jesus accidentally touching the ball with his arm before Aymeric Laporte’s goal.

With Tottenham winning the game 2-0, the decision proved to be influential in the outcome of the game and prompted many voices on the side of City.

But fans will be saying goodbye to the rule from UEFA Euro 2020.

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What are the new handball rules?

UEFA has confirmed that Euro 2020 will adapt new handball rules set by football lawmakers, the International Football Association Board.

These rules are expected to apply in all competitions around the world, including the Premier League from July 1. st .

And fans will be able to get a taste of what to expect at this summer’s Euro 2020 tournament.

The new rule was designed not to penalize forwards like Gabriel Jesus accidentally handling the ball before a goal.

“The way the law has been rewritten is more in line with the spirit of football and gives players the freedom to play football,” UEFA’s Roberto Rosetti told reporters in a statement.

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The new rulebook will now define handball as follows:

· Deliberately touches the ball with the hand / arm, for example by moving the hand / arm towards the ball;

· Touches the ball with his hand / arm when his body has grown abnormally. A player is considered to have abnormally enlarged his body when the position of his hand / arm is not a consequence or is not justified by the movement of the player’s body for that specific situation. By having his hand / arm in such a position, the player takes the risk that his hand / arm will be touched by the ball and be penalized; Where

Mark in the opposing goal:

– directly from their hand / arm, even accidentally, including by the goalkeeper; Where

– immediately after the ball has touched their hand / arm, even accidentally.

Do you agree with the new handball rules?